Mission and Vision

Jarrett Scott (TheTwenty.Org)

THETWENTY.ORG aims to provide information for health and wellness by collecting reliable information from reputable resources online, as well as from offline when available.

THETWENTY.ORG also contains some weird health and wellness information including those health specifically for men, or women because we believed that wellness consists of the entire body either physically, mentally, or emotionally. One cannot be wholly fit and healthy without considering everything even spiritually, and thus; THETWENTY.ORG includes topic like Yoga and Meditation.

THETWENTY.ORG, as per our disclaimers do not advocate or provide medical advice or treatment. Should you have any concern about your health in which you are not certain, it is always and highly advisable to consult with your doctor to get appropriate guidance or treatment.

DO NOT postpone any medical treatment or seek professional health assistance when necessary even if you read something useful here, or somewhat contrary to what you believed. Contents within THETWENTY.ORG website is for sole educational purposes only.


Some of you who just found this website, browse and read it for the first time, you might be asking why we named the website “THETWENTY.ORG”. Initially, it was not the idea to name the website THETWENTY.ORG. However, I find it unique to that way plus the opportunity of finding a previously owned domain which had been released by its previous owners. Idea popped up such as “20 Health and Wellness Tips” came to being.

Although health tips on the website’s homepage is far from twenty, it will be continuously updated until it reaches that number, or even beyond. So, bookmark THETWENTY.ORG in your browser for easy access reference in the future.

Social accounts on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, etc will also be setup to make readers have easy access.

Wishing you all the health and wellness on your every day life…


Jarrett Scott